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About Phenylethylamine HCL

Phenylethylamine is a naturally occurring substance in bodily tissues and fluids. It functions as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Because it has stimulant properties it is often sold as a weight loss dietary supplement. Although categorized as a stimulant, it has the remarkable ability to simulate the central nervous system without causing nervousness or the jittery feeling associated with some diet pills. Phenylethylamine is found in certain foods like chocolate and is responsible for its effects on mood, appetite, and sense of well-being. Until recent discoveries, PEA, or phenylethylamine, was rapidly destroyed within the body. If included in a formula with the right dosage, phenylethylamine HCL is provided safe transport. Phenylethylamine is responsible for elevating the metabolic rate and promoting a sense of satiety. Phentramin-d has been specially formulated with Phenylethylamine in just the right amounts to ensure it's effectiveness in reducing weight. More info on how Phentramin-d works


“Effective for weight loss, finally something that works!”

I have tried many diet supplements and had spent a lot of money on them.

After using Phentramin-D I have reached my goal weight and feel wonderful.

- Cindy W.  Laredo, TX

30 pounds lighter in 2 months :)  Want to lose another twenty lbs, but I will definitely be using this product to do it!

- Caitlin S.


I have lost 48 lbs. on Phentramin-d tablets. With exercise and proper diet, it took me 9 months to reach my goal of a size 6! Thanks for a great product.

- Letitia H.



I now have to order smaller clothes. I can't say enough!  It's wonderful  how effective this supplementt is!

- Jennifer T.




Thank you for a GREAT product :)

I initially weighed 185 pounds when I started taking Phentramin-D and reached my goal of 155 pounds. while taking this supplement and watching my diet. Thank you so much!

Patricia, TX


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I have been taking Phentramin-d for a while now, but not consistently. If I took them regularly I believe I would have lost a few more pounds.  Beach season is coming so I'm ready!

KELLY! - United States

They work like a charm for me!

Ashley S.

Is there a difference between phenylethylamine and phenylalanine?

While Phenylethylamine or PEA HCL is derived from phenylalanine, it is a different compound. The Phenylethylamine formulated in Phentramin-d has a stronger energy boosting effect than phenylalanine. It may also enhance mood or sense of well-being, and improve athletic and cognitive performance.

Phenylethylamine hydrochloride is also known as Phenylethylamine HCL or PEA HCL

Phenylethylamine HCL vs Phentermine

Phentermine triggers the release of neurotransmitters - epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine from hypothalamus region of the brain which results in reduced hunger.

As noted earlier, Phenylethylamine increases the level of dopamine which has a favorable effect on mood. However, this boost in neurotransmitters also has the effect of appetite control.

While Phenylethylamine can be included in over-the-counter supplements, Phentermine is not available over the counter, and requires a prescription. Therefore alternative diet supplements such as Phentramin-d have been formulated with Phenylethylamine to produce similar effects.

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